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The  Albany  Motor  Yacht  Club was  founded  in  1971  by  the  skippers  and  crews  of  boats  moored  at  the  Albany  Hotel  at Thames  Ditton.  Bob Few  -  the  then Licensee  -  offered   the  use  of  a  room  for  meetings  at  a  rent  of  1p  per  annum  and  12 people  attended  the  inaugural   meeting.


The  club  name,  rules,  aims,  Flag  Officers,  burgee  colour  and  membership  of   the  Association  of  Thames  Yacht  Clubs (ATYC)   were  established  on  that   first   meeting. At  the  second  meeting  25  designs  for  the  burgee  were  presented  from  which  4  were  used  to  compile  the  current design.  The   red  triangle  in  the   middle  is  the  Bass  triangle  from  the  brewery  associated  with  Albany   Hotel.


The  first  boat  trials  were  held  the  day  after  the  second  meeting  in  September  1971 and  the  Sail  Past  and  Laying  Up Supper   were  held  in  November  -  No  holding  back  the  AMYC!


1972  set  the  future  pattern  with  the  April  Fitting  Out   Supper  -  later   a   Picnic  -   attendance  at   the  RNLI  and   ATYC  Rallies,  Dinner   Dance  and  Newsletter.  On  a  nostalgic  note,   Dinner  Dance  tickets   were   £2.50   and  profit  from  the Raffle  was  £14.02.  Barbeque  -  30 meals at 30p,   sale of beer  -  £4.60.  Profit  overall  £1.65.  Ah  those  were  the  days.


1975  brought  two  new  ventures.   A  Fun  Regatta  and  an  Olde  Tyme  Night  were  held  until  the  pub  changed  hands  in 1980.  Following  this  the  meetings  were  held  at  London  River  Yacht  Club,  British  Motor  Yacht  Club,  Ditton  Skiff   &  Punting  Club  and   use  of  members  houses  and  premises.   A   meeting  or  event   was  never  missed.   We  eventually settled  at  the  Albany  Cottage  in   October  1981,   which   was  the  home  of  the  Ditton  Skiff  and  Punting  Club  and  was  a decrepit  old  house  adjacent  to  the  now   new   building  of   the   DS&PC.


We  are  now  Associate   members  of   the  Ditton Skiff & Punting Club  and  are  pleased  to  be  continuing  to  use  their  splendid  club  house for  our   monthly  meetings  and  special  events.


Club members continue to organise and attend events throughout the year - See our events page for more information.

A Brief History of AMYC

Club Officers


    - Commodore                 Tracie Critchell

    - Vice Commodore         David Gilbert

    - Secretary                      Ann Marshall

    - Treasurer                      Nick Critchell